Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy Strikes Campus, God's People Cry Out

What? Parents Crying, Children Dying, A Nation Grieving

Where? Virginia, My Town, Your Town, Our Town

When? April 16, 2007, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

How? Evil overcomes the heart of one in a fallen world

Why? The evil seeks to devour and destroy.

Who? College students, faculty, his son, her daughter, your son, your daughter,
my son, my daughter...

His Grief

His Town

His Time

His Sons and Daughters

His Vengeance

His Amazing Love

May God be with the families who grieve the loss of their children today.
Our hearts are with you.

*photo courtesy of Associated Press


Melissa said...

Horrible, isn't it? I posted my own rambling thoughts about this tragedy last night. I just can't comprehend it. Praying...praying!

Linda said...

Beautiful, Melanie.

Deena said...

I'm linking to you...that was gorgeous...

Denise W said...

Thanks, Melanie. That puts it in perspective....