Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Little Contest

Cause we could use some comic relief today.

BooMama is having a little contest over at her house and as Martha would say it is More Fun, More Fun! The deadline for entries is tonight @ 6:00 PM Central Time.

The post is funny in its own right, but the comments, Sweet Mercy! You'd better make a trip to the ladies' room before you start reading.

Best I can tell, the comments are proof that a southern woman does not let invitations or personal tragedy interfere with her opportunity to have good hair.

It's all about priorities, people.


Brenda said...

"Swimmy headed" cracked me up! I have never heard that before. Still giggling...

Mommy Dearest said...

That was a riot!

Stop by the new Love-Me-Knots blog for two chances to win a girls hairbow for your daughter. This is leading up to opening the website I've been working on for my friend's hairbow business.