Saturday, April 21, 2007

Technically, we're NOT related.

On top of all this, my Aunt Barbara's husband's cousin Margaret, who is Full Blown Southern High Maintenance, must have her hair done.

Margaret lives in a small town about a 30 minute drive from Waycross, the epicenter of the dangerous fires burning as I type. Margaret's little town may only have two red lights, but it does have more than a few beauty shops.

But that simply won't do.

No, M'am.

Margaret called all of her brothers to ask one of them to drive her all the way to Waycross to get her hair done because come fire or high water, she was gonna look good. Folks in Waycross are fleeing for life and limb, sleeping on cots in churches and elementary school lunchrooms.

But Margaret needs a shampoo and set.

I don't know if one of the brothers gave in and actually drove her into the smokey haze of danger. I sure hope not.

If it wasn't so ridiculous in a time like this, it would be funny.


BooMama said...

This all makes perfect sense to me.


Susanne said...

Sorta like the "make sure you have clean underwear on, you never know what will happen" thing. Sounds like it's the "make sure you shampoo and set, you never know...." Too funny.

Nancy said...

I'm so glad all your loved ones are fine. A Google search took my to a NYTimes article and I couldn't help but chuckle...the dog was named Bubba and the wife was lamenting the loss of her husbands trophy buck. Sigh. I miss the Deep South. :)

Roxanne said...

Even in a dangerous time like this, it is still very funny. And very ridiculous. Something tells me your husband's mother's cousin has inhaled a leetle too much Aquanet and isn't in touch with the whole fiery haze of doom concept.

Barb said...

I can certainly see why this makes perfect sense to Boomama. There has to be a connection here somewhere. :-)