Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Overheard at my house

While in the baby department at Target-

(In a low whisper) "Mommy, I saw a Royal Potty."

"A what?"

"A Royal Potty. Come see."

"Why are you whispering it? Because you didn't want to say potty?"

"Yes. Come see!"

Indeed it was a portable potty seat for a little one. And it was quite royal.

The Fisher Price Royal Potty Stepstool

While petting Maggie, the big-fat-cat.

"Maggie, I'll be nice to you... even though you're squishing my guts out."


Susanne said...

Yes, my cat squishes my guts out on occasion too! I know exactly what she means! :v)

Nancy said...

Can you post a photo of the royal potty? I don't get it.

Linda said...

funny. we have a toilet at home that resembles a throne. I'll have to tell you about it some time. Now come see me because I have your questions ready!

Nancy said...

Ahhh.....now I get it. It reminds me of a kids story, The Princess and the Potty. Do you know that one?

Gayle said...

Gosh, Even I want to use THAT potty!