Saturday, July 07, 2007

The peach doesn't fall far from the tree.

There are moments when I see and hear things my daughter does and I sense a little Southern in her. Sometimes she's Melanie Wilkes and sometimes she's Scarlett O'Hara.

I just grin and giggle a little to myself.

Here are a few things I observed the other day...

1. Our sweet neighbor came over to see our growing caterpillars (post below) and my little girl offered her a drink and something to eat. Then she fixed it for her. I was tickled.

2. One evening I heard a "whack" and a "thud" from her bathroom. She had killed a mosquito with a shoe. Talk about brutal. I could hear her talking to it and telling it off.

Then she came out, flip flop in hand and said,"I'm Okay. Just worry about the mosquito."


Susanne said...

Love her! She sounds like a natural charmer!

justabeachkat said...

I've been a "lurker" for awhile now. I enjoy your blog. Love your humor and the way you write.



Tammy said...

Oh funny....she's definitely Melanie Wilkes with some major Scarlett spunk going on! :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Linda said...

This is awesome. My kids don't even ask their friends or boyfriend if they want something to drink, and they will get a drink for themselves right in the front of the friend. I have been over this and over this, but they are as thick as mud about hospitality. Hmmm. Apple, fall, not far, from big Tree.

Roxanne said...

Yes, the offering of food and drink, the the polite declination of the offer, then the insistance while fixing the offered food and drink, then the declarations of deliciousness and the asking for the recipe, then the confession that it's from a box mix with some extra things added and how the recipe was changed just a bit to make it this good.

One of my favorite moments from Steel Magnolias is when Truvy is ticking off the recipe for "Cuppa-Cuppa-Cup." "But I serve it with vanilla icecream to cut the sweet."

I love my southern heriate!