Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Works for Me: Paint Matching

We had to make a run to the home improvement store today for more paint for my daughter's room.

There are two stores of the same chain within a reasonable driving distance for me. Today I visited a different location than when I made my original paint purchase.

I was prepared with my paint label from the lid showing all the chemical formulas needed to mix "Tidal Wave" (not Green Vibe for you paint followers out there- watch for that post later.)

The paint pros told me that even though I had the paint label showing the proper percentages of magenta and whites and like, and even though I was at the same chain of store, the paint you buy from one store location of the same chain can be subtly different than from another location.

The good news is that, as long as you are at a corner or beginning a new wall, you will never notice the difference. If you run out of paint in the middle of the wall or try to do touch-ups, you will notice a subtle difference in the light. In that case, you have to return to the same store where you purchased the first can in order to have a perfect match.

Who knew? Here's my tip:

1. Save the lids with the label showing the paint's formula.

2 With a permanent marker, write the name and address of the store. I.E. "L*we's on Madison" somewhere on the lid.

3. Stack the clean leftover lids (with paint dried or cleaned off) in a Tupperware container or some other container where you can find them later.

Be sure to read Jordan's comment for even more painting advice. Thanks, Jordan!

Check out Shannon for more tips this Wednesday.


Diatribal said...

Great tip. My Sister-in-law is going through a painting phase right now and I will pass this along to her!


Jordan said...

Actually, we've learned from sad experience that even with all that information, even with computer-based paint mixing programs, the exact same paint color mixed at the exact same location can be different. Even if you buy two gallons at time.

I'm told that the proper thing to do if you're using more than one can of paint is to mix all your paint in a large bucket first, then pour it back into the smaller cans for storage (if necessary). My sister's room was quite nearly ruined by paint that was no where near matching.

Good luck painting!

Autumn Daisy Studio said...

Thanks for the tip -- I've been needing to paint my daughter's room!

Nancy said...

You're right, of course. The trick is buying enough to begin with and having up to a gallon in reserve for touch-up and future projects. We are currently in a rental and hubby took the paint lid for the computer analysis to "touch up" last summmer. I could have told hime that it wouldn't match if he only painted the spots needed, but he didn't ask.
Can't wait to see the result.

RealEstateGirl said...

great idea!

Susanne said...

We just went through this. And we did a patch job right smack in the middle of the wall. There is the slightest difference. Now I will have to repaint the whole wall. Sigh.

Great tip.

Tami said...

Thanks for the tip. I'm new here, and as a fellow southerner, I really enjoy your blog. When I read the name of your blog to my husband, he laughed out loud.