Friday, July 06, 2007

There was an old woman all covered in Off

There was a an old woman who lived by a pond.
She had really sweet neighbors of whom she grew fond
They gave her some dinner and cinnamon coffee cake
Then she learned that the pond and the neighbor had a snake.

So the not-so-old woman looked it all up on the Net
She learned what to do if she and the snake ever met
Then the neighbor's husband chased away the snake
And the woman decided that she still loved the lake

The next door neighbor had a pretty cool critter
In her garden was a green caterpillar
So the thirty-something woman was hot on the trail
And learned that this critter was a Black Swallowtail

So the thirty-something woman who lives by the water
Is now raising butterflies with her inquisitive daughter
They've learned all there is to know about a thing called "frass"
Don't do a Google. You don't want to ask.

Now the very tired young woman who sits on the dock
Is fighting off biting flies straight out of Hitchcock
It seems that the pond attracts critters galore
Snakes, caterpillars, buzzing flies and there's more!

The Wild Kingdom woman saw a brown rat
And she thought to herself, "Where's that big snake at?"
The neighbor's dog tossed the rat as it played dead
Then the neighbor gave the rat a big whack on the head.

Now the tired woman with the critters running loose
Is considering the purchase of a great big mongoose
To kill the snake after it kills the brown rats
And for the flies, she's decided on some nice Venus fly traps.



Kelli said...

Tell tme this is not rooted in truth.


Susanne said...

Love your poetry. Only you can put poetry to snakes, rats and flying creatures.

Tammy said...

Melanie, you are so clever and talented!
And um...surrounded by wild critters!!! ;)I just loved this!

Clemntine said...

I enjoyed reading that a lot more than you enjoyed living it, I'm sure. Very clever!

Nancy said...

We raised caterpillars/swallowtail butterflies when I was young. They loved eating (all) my mom's parley. :)
They were so lovely.

Linda said...

YOU are SO funny! This is vintage Melanie.