Friday, September 26, 2008

Fireproof opens this weekend.

So, have y'all heard about Fireproof?

The film, starring Kirk Cameron, tells the story of a firefighter husband who takes a stand to save his marriage and protect his wife's heart.

Wait a minute. A movie about people who want to save their marriage? Huh? Yes! It's true. Imagine the impact this film could have if only we would support it.

Another movie opens this weekend. It promises to be romantic, entertaining, the perfect "date movie" or "girl's night out." It's a little different from Fireproof. Just a little.

If you are browsing the movie schedule this weekend, I encourage you to choose Fireproof over the competition.

Hollywood is listening. It's time for us to speak up for marriage.


Susanne said...

I saw this on Dr. Phil yesterday. It looked so good. I want to see it so bad but alas, as is usual with films like this, we probably won't see it here in my part of Canada. I might have to wait for the DVD.

Rickie said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm going.

Tammy said...

Hi Melanie!
Yes, I told my husband about this and we hope to go see in this coming week!

Stop by again sometime- miss ya'!

Anonymous said...

I heard about this movie from my sil...hoping that it comes this way but not holding my breath as it probably won't. I live in Australia and we need movies like this too. My sil's husband definitely needs to see it. It might help him understand why she doesn't live under his roof anymore. :(

Karen said...

Just got home from seeing it and thought it was great! Can't wait for the DVD so I can add it to my Sherwood Pictures inventory along with Flywheel and Facing the Giants.

Anonymous said...

did you see it? would l love to read a review before selling out $9 for it!

bensrib said...

We saw Fireproof Friday night - it was wonderful! Made us laugh and cry - go see it!