Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We should have our own show on TLC.

A conversation at our house a few days ago...

Hubs to daughter- "Maggie requires a lot of work. Every morning she meows to eat, then she meows to go out, then she meows to eat again, then she meows to be petted. It takes a lot to take care of Maggie."

Me- "You only have to take care of her for one hour. I have her all. day. long."

Mrs. Duggar, you may have 16, or is it 17 kids? I have one child and a cat. Top that!


Roxanne said...

It think Maggie is 3, 3, 3 cats in one.

Tari said...

I'll trade you Maggie for Lambchop - up for it?

Wait, I think I take it back. :)