Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Works For Me: Easy Fall Wreath

I like crafts. Give me a glue gun and I am in Hobby Lobby Heaven.

But, I realize that the glue gun, besides the fact that it will singe a layer of skin from your fingertips (hmm... may be an explanation for this), can be intimidating for the non-crafter.

By the way. I've noticed that people who aren't crafty can usually bake.

Just an observation.

(I don't bake.)

Except for biscuits and cornbread.

So, here is a tip for those of you who may not tackle a fall or Christmas wreath from scratch, but want something with a little more pizazz than a store-bought wreath.

Purchase an inexpensive decorated wreath. Then, look for a few seasonal items you like and add them to your wreath.

For example, you could find a fall-ish wreath with say, leaves and a few flowers. Then, add a few artificial pumpkins, gourds, or other items you like. Wal-mart (and they aren't paying me either) is a great place to look. They usually have wreaths ranging from $10-$20 and a 97 cents display with great floral picks.

And, remember, you don't always have to have ribbon. You can make a wreath look great without bows.

This is also a great way to freshen up last year's wreath!

For more ideas, see Shannon.


Family O'Foxes said...

This post reminds me that I need to get my Fall decorations out and start decorating. We have a fall wreath that we create every year. The kids have fun putting it together.


Susanne said...

I'm not a crafter. And I'm a very average baker. Hmmm.

This is a great tip for those of us who got in the rafting linep when heaven was handing out the crafting gene.

fruitfulwords said...

Great simple, inexpensive idea. I love crafts that are quick. I see a new wreath in my near future. Thanks.