Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bolt: Creative Genius Strikes

We just returned from seeing Bolt, the latest Disney movie about a Hollywood dog who doesn't know he isn't a real super hero. Of course, as animated movies go, this little dog ends up being the real hero after all.

If this sounds like a glaring endorsement, it is. I am refreshed and relieved to finally take my kid to a Disney movie that genuinely upholds the Disney name. Walt would be proud. I can remember the caliber of movies Disney used to produce and this movie is reminiscent of those quality family films.

No potty humor. No innuendos. No inside adult jokes I have to avoid explaining.

No one was dressed in drag. No one was drunk.

Just good, clean fun. Really.

A bonus- the movie is in 3-D! How's that for animated adventure?

To parents with younger children, be prepared for some action-packed adventure. It helps to tell your child in advance that the bad guys are pretend, Bolt is a TV actor, and the green-eyed man isn't real. I heard a few very small kids crying. The action itself could be a little scary for a small child who cannot determine real from pretend (even in a cartoon.)

As a rule, if your child can sit through the sharks in Finding Nemo, then he will be fine in Bolt.

My favorite part of the whole movie is the pigeons. All of them.

And if Disney just happens across this blog, don't bother sending me a check. Just please continue to produce real clean, family, comedic fun.

We parents still recognize and appreciate writing talent. Especially when it comes packaged in a super cute, super hero.


Ann said...

It's good to know there are still good movies for us to take our kids to. Thanks for the endorsement! I'll have to find time to take my little guy!

Roxanne said...

THat is good to know. I was sort of wondering. My son keeps cracking up at the hamster on the trailers.