Saturday, November 01, 2008

Covering them in prayer.

Hey, y'all.

Some of our favorite bloggers are headed to the Dominican Republic tomorrow to blog for Compassion.

God did an awesome work when Compassion bloggers visited Uganda earlier this year. I can't wait to hear what He is about to do in the Dominican Republic! (And just to show I have the election on the brain, I have typed Republican twice already in this post and had to fix it.)

No matter what you have on the brain- election, economy, or what's for dinner- please take a moment each day to pray for the Compassion bloggers and for the many children they will meet.

Pray for the children who still need sponsors. God loves them so much and He would love for us to tell them!


Big Mama said...

Caroline keeps saying I'm going to the American Republican. We've raised her well.

Thanks for the prayers, Mel!

Susanne said...

Thanks for the reminder, Melanie!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm sure there's a Republican there somewhere, though. Maybe it will be a providential meeting between the Americans and the Dominican Republican.

PJ said...

thanks for the reminder. I need to check their blogs....I am soooo behind!!!