Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sick Woman and HungryMan

I woke up this morning feeling under the weather.

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, "under the weather." Aren't we always under it? Are we ever over it or next to it or behind it?

When I crawled out of bed, I could tell something was coming on. The muscles were achy. The bones were creaky. The head was stuffy.

Uh. Oh.

We were all getting ready for church and I warned Hubs that I may be getting sick and he may end up cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It is days away, so let's hope I get sick and get over it or don't get too sick at all.

While in church, the preacher announced the "meet and greet" and I leaned down to get the hand sanitizer from my purse. I quickly and (I thought) discreetly cleaned my hands to protect anyone around me. The people behind me must have seen me, because they hesitated when they shook my hand.

Maybe they thought I didn't use enough.

While we were singing, I glanced down at the pew in front of us. That is when I had a Pez Moment.

We were all standing and singing, so I could see the Bibles, purses and books in the seat. Resting in the seat of an elderly woman ahead of us was a Sunday School book. The picture on the cover made me giggle.

The photo showed an elderly man kicking up a pile of raked leaves with his smiling wife in the background, holding a rake. I am sure it was meant to convey a feeling of "life's still fun and thrilling and now you get a discount at your age," but the man's expression struck me as funny.

I could blame it on a high fever, but that would be lying. And I usually refrain from lying in church. Laughing to myself and using hand sanitizer between handshakes is completely allowed.

I did look around to make sure no one was offended. My goal has never been to be a Spirit Quencher.

This afternoon, I sat down at the laptop to check email and blog this little post. That is when Hubs started force feeding me clementines for a Vitamin C boost. (I don't eat fruit.)

I told him that I could be dying. If I am, could he please go out of town and get me some Starbucks for my last meal.

He told me my last meal would be Thanksgiving dinner and I'd have to cook it.


I knew I shouldn't have laughed in church.

To be perfectly honest, Hubs could and would cook Thanksgiving dinner but, bless his heart, he'd need some help with my Granny's dressing recipe.

It may be frozen dinners for us.

Or, we could always eat Pez.


Susanne said...

Oh, hope your feeling better. Nothing worse that a great feasting holiday and not being able to enjoy it.

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

This made me laugh. I sorely needed that today.