Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You say Po-TAH-to.

When I first met my husband in a college sociology class, I instantly knew he was funny. We share the same sense of humor- dry and sarcastic. Most people find these two traits insanely irritating so it is a good thing we found each other.

I remember one particular day when the professor said something funny (he was dry and sarcastic, too) and the two of us were the only ones in class who laughed out loud. We weren't trying to get points in the grade book; we actually thought this sociology professor was funny. (Analyze that.)

I didn't know it at the time, but that momentary burst of laughter was a test. Later on, Hubs told me that when he heard me laugh too, he knew I was a keeper.

Besides the knack for humor, Hubs has a remarkable ability to speak in a British accent. I think he watched too much Spinal Tap as a teen. No kidding, if I didn't know his roots were in New Jersey, I would promise on my case of Diet Coke that Hubs hails The Queen.

We sit at the dinner table when, in a Tourette's type of outburst, he begins quoting movies in the accent of Great Britain. I have memorized movies that I have never seen. Dinner is a learning experience at our house.

So, Hubs, I just wanted to say that even though you may drive me crazy with your pronunciation of garage, I love you for it. And you are much better looking than Hugh Grant.


Roxanne said...

See. . .that is the beauty of marriage. . .having someone else at least APPRECIATE your sense of humor. . .and you two SHARE a sense of humor. Hubby and I do too. We laugh a lot.

fuzzytop said...

I love that you two laugh...at the same things.... So very cool!

So, does he like British humor - I'm thinking Fawlty Towers, which IMHO is one of the funniest TV shows of all time?

Oh boy, I'm starting to laugh just thinking about it.


Susanne said...

So nice to have someone to share that funny bone with.