Thursday, October 29, 2009

And I meet him at the door with a cocktail and take his hat.

Hubs has always said he doesn't like sitting at a desk. He would love to work in a way that keeps him constantly moving, not at a desk.

Except for the people on The Office, I think most of us are like that. Whether we really want to sit at a desk for work or not, sometimes we just end up there, at least for part of the work day.

It's not the best situation, but we take what we get.

Kind of like being the person who gets the last little bit of fries before they make a fresh batch, but without the little ketchup packets.

The funny thing (not in the comical kind of funny) is that his job through the years usually involves a desk. (And he's not a furniture maker.) When his job position changes, he always gives me his new phone number.

I always ask, "Is this at your desk?"

To which he answers, "No. I don't have a desk. I just sit there sometimes and do my work."

Whatever. All I need to know is if Hubs is going to answer when I call the number.

A few years ago he shared an office area with other people, not a cubicle, not an office. So, he said he technically did not have his own desk.

And I thought I was the word person in the family.

The other day he moved into his new office. In his office there is a desk. He doesn't share the office with anyone, so he doesn't share the desk with anyone. HELLO, HUBS. There's no way to avoid it now. YOU HAVE A DESK.

(Insert great segue here.)

It turned cold today. We needed milk. Dinner time was within a few hours. The leftovers were gone. All I had was ground beef , a block of cheese, and a few taco shells. We'll have tacos!

Really boring tacos.

Oh. I know! We'll have super nachos!

I could not bring myself to go out. It was windy. It was miserable. So, I had an idea.

Call Hubs at his desk.

"Hey, can you go to the store? If not, it's okay."

"No, I can."

I hear laughing at the other end.

"What's so funny?"

"I'm that guy (the guy WITH A DESK!) whose wife calls him at work and gives him a list to go to the store."

"I could make you that guy who doesn't have a wife to call him at work and gives him a list to go to the store.... giggle...or do you want me to be the wife who yells at the husband when he comes home from the store because he didn't get the right thing?" (more giggles)

"Dang... okay. What do you need?"


"And bread?"

"No, but you can get bread if you want."

"No, I was just thinking that people always need milk and bread..."

"Okay. We actually do need bread. Get some."

"Got it. What else?"

"We're having super nachos. I need lettuce, tomato, black olives and um, the nachos. So far, all I have is meat and cheese."

More laughing at the other end.

"Now you have to read it back to me."

"Milk, bread, lettuce, tomato, black olives, and nachos."

"See you when you get home."

"Love you."

"Love you, too."

Now I'm the wife who calls her husband at work with a list for the store.

And then blogs about it.



Roxanne said...

This put a big smile on my face. A big, grateful smile, because I have one of those too. Mine has a desk. . .but no phone. His office is a classroom. We are really, really happy about e-mail, but sometimes, I just want to call him.

Amy said...

Its about time...nothin' is funnier than watching a guy in a suit with a grocery list navigating through a grocery store. Cracks me up everytime!!

I worked at a desk once in college and that experience made me stay in college to get my teaching degree...not for me...but I love The Office 'cause if you have ever worked in an office you get it!!


Anonymous said...

We're the opposite you your 50's American family. I work full time and my husband is at home with the kids. Our errands are done by whomever gets the short straw!

Carpool Queen said...

If you HAD an iPhone which I know you don't, you could get the app that emails the grocery list straight to your husband so he can stop on his way home from work.

I love that app and may or may not have used it to my advantage on one or twenty occasions.

Melanie said...

Oh Mel, that made me laugh out loud. You have some great comebacks for him don't you? The men in our lives wouldn't know what to do without us:)

I move next week and it is already cold up there. You know that we southern girls love sweet tea and I go to a little hole in the wall and get a large sweet tea everyday. Well, northerns don't make sweet tea. My husband called me from Cincinnati Ohio yesterday (he moved up there Monday) and told me that they have a Chick fi la up there near our house! WOO HOO! I was telling him oh good, I can go and get a tea every day. As soon as it came out of my mouth, I told him that I would be calling him at work and asking HIM to go by there on his way home and get me one. I will be like you....not going out in the cold weather.

Maybe I need to blog about this:)