Monday, October 19, 2009

Funny, they never ride the bus.

I'm starting to think I should rename this blog "The Blog Which Posts Once A Week" or "That Blog Of Lists."

Or maybe the folks in Washington could refer to it as "Not Really A Blog, But A Perspective."

We've had some schedule changes over the last few months and a lot of my time is filled up with other stuff. Good stuff. I can't seem to get into a good blogging routine or figure out how to manage it all.

One thing I discovered is that it would help if I'd actually sit down and write something.

Go figure.

Our days are busy. Most evenings Hubs and I turn on Fox News, catch up on all the happenings, and then pop in a Seinfeld DVD. After about two episodes, Hubs falls asleep on the couch and I watch the rest of the DVD while reading blogs and surfing the Net. (*They made a movie about it with that girl from The Bus.)

Sometimes we'll mix it up and watch a recorded episode of The Amazing Race. It comes on at an odd time here, so we usually watch it later on Sunday nights. This past Sunday night, I planned ahead and set the DVR. I was all ready to watch someone eat strange food and yell at a taxi driver when horror struck me.

I had recorded 60 Minutes instead. Hubs and I are dull, but we're not that dull. (Yet.)

The TV schedule was askew because of a FOOTBALL GAME. A FOOTBALL GAME. I missed the Amazing Race because of FOOTBALL.

I felt like my sister-in-law who, in her childhood missed Happy Days because of a lame Presidential Address by Jimmy Carter. She called the television station and complained, "If you think you're gonna make me watch Mr. Peanuts instead of Happy Days, you're crazy."

Oddly enough, she later began a career in television.

Lucky for Hubs and me, the latest episode of The Amazing Race is available on their website. So we curled up together with the laptop last night and caught up.

The Dubai visit was pretty interesting. I would have totally freaked from the tallest building. We decided we would have made the snowman instead of searching for the Happy Meal toy.

What about you?

Is anyone else out there watching the show this season? Who are your favorites?

(* reference to a genius line by Frank Costanza who would never watch Mr. Peanuts.)


Roxanne said...

I am also in a blogging funk. Actually, I'm in a sleeping groove. My brain is asleep, therefore my blog is asleep. I also try to let my body sleep, but I miss writing. I'm thinking a lot. . .just not sure all of it is suitable for the random passerby. I posted a list today too.

Amy said...

You are high-larious. Came over from 2nd Cup via a recipe you commented on...I think...anyway...glad I found you. Love Seinfeld (from a previous post of yours) and Festivus is my favorite holiday!!


Carpool Queen said...

I don't watch Amazing Race, but it's not going to stop me from commenting today. Not that I have anything witty to say, because I'm completely drugged up on copious amounts of drugs which may or may not have been prescribed specifically for me.

And I haven't seen civilization in three days and if I don't talk to someone soon, I'm going to turn into one of those crazy people that pretends the ladies on QVC are her friends.

Bummer about your show. If you Twitter, you can follow CBS and they'll tell you when their Sunday afternoon schedule shifts because of football so you won't be caught off guard next time.

That is all. I'm going to take more drugs now. The legal ones.

Melanie said...

My advice on the DVR, record what comes on after Amazing Race and that way you are sure to record it. I love that show. I never miss it.

I would have made the snowman and had a panick attack at the tallest building:)

Love the Mr. Peanuts line. What a horrible President. YUCK! Still running his mouth at 80 something.

Susanne said...

That is really funny about your sil. She actually called the station? Hilarious!

I quit recording the Amazing Race on CBS and switched it over to the Canadian CTV after a couple of shocking episodes of 60 Minutes turned up on my PVR too. They don't reschedule it for football up here. My favorites are the Harlem Globetrotter guys. Cracked me up when they were moving those crazy animal things to the kids playground and everytime they showed these guys the Harlem Globetrotter whistling music started playing.