Friday, October 30, 2009

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Ward brought home everything on the shopping list. In addition to the super nacho ingredients, he also got Diet Coke.

I love that man.

Today was the day I planned to go for a big grocery shop. I had some things to do around the house this morning before hunting and gathering. Around lunch, I went to the frig. and noticed the bulb was out.

Humph. How 'bout that?

A few moments later I reached in the freezer. The bulb was out in there, too.

What are the odds? I listened closely and heard nothing but the drip, drip of the thawing chicken nuggets and Hub's last two Klondike bars. No humming, no buzzing of a compressor. Nada.

So I called our property manager to report that our refrigerator had just died. They said they "hoped" to have someone out to check it this afternoon.

It's Friday. Even if the man showed up on time, there was no way the food was going to make it. If a part or new appliance were needed, it would most likely be Monday before they arrived.

Boy, was I glad I hadn't gone to the store.

We still have a little college dorm size frig. that we used during another move. I went to the garage and plugged it in. There was just enough room to stash a half gallon of milk, some hot dogs, and a stick of butter.

Hours passed. No one came.

I returned to the kitchen for something and noticed that now my coffee maker clock wasn't on.

Guess which two items in the kitchen share the same outlet.

I slid the coffee maker over and noticed that the GFCI outlet had tripped. A quick press of the reset button and all was right with the world. The humming returned, the ice maker clanged and the frost on the milk jug began to fade.

I called the property manager to give her the good news.

Thank Heaven for modern conveniences like safe electricity and refrigeration.

Because Heaven knows how much Ward loves his Klondike bars.


2Thinks said...

A very good save the Klondike's story. And you know, that little light bulb above my stove, in the hood, is out. Hmmm....

Carpool Queen said...

You're so Handy, Manny.

Amy said...

You are such the super sleuth. I love a happy ending that doesn't involve a handyman or waiting for one.

Just one more shout out for procrastination. Have a great day!!