Monday, November 02, 2009

Typing in a low whisper

Somewhere along the course of events of the weekend, I lost my voice. It started out as a squeak, then a raspy bark, and now it is a sad little whisper.

I attribute my condition to all the yelling.


Really, it is a result of a Fall allergy of somethingorother. I sound really pathetic but feel perfectly fine. (Let's keep that between us.)

Now I'm sipping herbal tea (blech) and hoping to recover quickly. I'm going to a girls' night out for dinner. I would love to be able to actually order instead of relying on pointing and hand motions.

Fortunately for you (or unfortunately) I can still type.

So, I'll be back. Right after I stop gagging on the herbal tea remedy.

Isn't there some sort of latte' for laryngitis?


pendy said...

I went through that in August and September here in south GA. Fall allergies = no fun. Losing your voice is the worst!

Roxanne said...

I, personally, subscribe to the Diet Coke method of curing anything. . .from an attitude to laryngitis. Just sayin'.

Carpool Queen said...

My grandmother swore by lemon and whisky.

She was also married to my crazy grandpa, so take that with a grain of salt....

Anonymous said...

My mama kept a bottle of whisky in the house for 'medicinal' purposes. It's been my experience that just a little in some hot lemonade will knock you right out and cure EVERYTHING while you're down.
My mama was not married to Carpool Queen's crazy grandpa, but I bet they could'a been kin.

Susanne said...

You would be a rich woman if you invented a latte for sore throats and laryngitis. Hope your voice comes back before dinner.

I laughed at Carpool Queens answer. My dad one time had me gargle with whiskey when I had strep throat. (Yes I was over 18). Can you imagine? I promptly forgot about my sore throat and was very concerned about dying from the whiskey being bubbled at the back of my mouth and keeping it from backwashing up my nose. LOL.