Monday, November 09, 2009

Expert In A Cheap Poncho

Somebody tell Mama.

I'm sitting here watching The Weather Channel. If my dear Granny were still with us, she'd be watching it with me, too and we'd switch back and forth between TWC and CMT for some kind of tribute to Dolly or Merle.

Even though we live in New Mexico now, we still own a home in Florida. That nice little pond behind our house drains into a sound which drains right into the Gulf of Mexico.


The thing about tropical storms and hurricanes is that they tend to blow water in the opposite direction of where you'd like it to go. Rain blows sideways and the water that normally drains out of a pond tends to rise into your backyard.

As of now, it looks like our house will withstand Ida. But it's times like these that I become friends with the weatherman.

I kinda feel sorry for the guy. At any other time I tend to ignore him or scoff at his forecast. Give me a good hurricane or some winds kickin' at 70 knots, and I'm adding him to my Christmas card list.

The weatherman, poor guy, is a lot like the dentist. We don't like them, even poke fun at them a little bit.

Until we have a toothache.

Or a house on a pond which drains into a sound that ultimately drains into the Gulf of Mexico.

Right down the road from where Jim Cantore is standing.

Live. Via satellite.


Susanne said...

Praying your home stays safe and sound!

Yeah those weathermen really take a beating from the public and from standing reporting in the midst of crazy weather, don't they? Makes you wonder why anyone would want to be a weatherman. LOL.

Amy said...

My dad...who is probably watching TWC with your Granny right now...loved Jim Cantore. He would constantly give me updates on where he is...what kind of weather gear he is wearing...and how his hair is doing. But let me tell you when I lived in the midwest and it was tornado season...he had a standing invite for dinner should he and his Lands End rain gear and duck boots need a place to eat.


averagemoreorless said...

And here I was ignoring the weather because it's so nice here. How easy it is to forget that life is happening elsewhere too. I'll pray for your little house and Jim Cantore too.

Roxanne said...

Oh, friend. We have no t.v. at our house anymore. . .therefore I know nothing, but I am sorry that there is some weather somethin' over there near the panhandle messin' with your pond. Maybe it will get rid of the beavers. :)

Carpool Queen said...

I have a friend who saw his house get washed away on national television while Geraldo Rivera reported from New Orleans.

The upside? He had footage for the insurance company.

I'd set the DVR just in case.

arlee bird said...

I live in southern California, but I always keep my weather on my computer set for East Tennessee where I came. No real good reason--just like to see what it's like there I guess.

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