Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Trails

I'm supposed to be packing suitcases and cleaning bathrooms, but I've never been good at prioritizing.

So here I am in the blogosphere dodging spam emails about Black Friday.

We're off to Santa Fe where I hope to do some really good shopping, and even better eating.

I'll leave you with one thought- me on a horse. We're going trail riding. This is out of my element, but I am going to Cowgirl Up and go for it.

I'll do anything for blog material.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Susanne said...

Happy cowgirling!

Amy said...

Packing and cleaning bathrooms are WAY overrated!

Just be prepared for very sore parts of your body that aren't meant to be sore...and cause disruption in your everyday activities...just sayin'

Have fun and can't wait to read all about it!!


Anonymous said...

It's been too long since I've eaten in Santa Fe, but I know a great place in Santa Rosa which is on your way. It's called the Comet Drive in and it's on Historic Route 66 just West of 84. For authentic New Mexican food it can't be beat.

sprymary said...

Giddyup you horsey gal you. Wish I was there.

Melanie said...

Cowgirl, I'll be thinking about you while you are riding that trail. LOL

Happy Thanksgiving.

KK said...

I love Santa Fe, have fun!

Roxanne said...

Oh, I envy you the horse ride. I'm not one who has ridden horses often, but I do love them--the way they smell--brings back my childhood. Have a wonderful, wonderful day.