Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Fave Five: Loss, Love, and Television

1.  Friends (both in person and in the blogosphere) who offer prayers and support.  Your comments about our Annabelle touched my heart.

2.  The impact of loss.  I know this sounds odd, but sometimes I believe God puts hardships and loss in our lives to remind us of how precious life and love is.  We are here on this earth but a fleeting moment. We need to make that moment count.

3.  On a less serious note, I am in love with my new K-cup coffee maker.  Not a love like you I have for my child children where I will pick up it's socks, but more of a love like I have for Target's 90% off sales where I look forward to it and savor every minute of it.

4.  The People's Court and Judge Judy.  I live vicariously through their sarcasm and desire for justice.  Also, I really wish I had a gavel.

5.  Walking with friends.  I am enjoying the morning walks with some awesome moms.  Let's keep it up ladies!  Can't wait to see what we'll do when it starts to snow! LOL

Join Susanne for more great Faves this week. Have an awesome weekend!


Jerralea said...

Melanie, although I have never owned any animals, I have to say Annabelle's story touched my heart. May God comfort you!

On another note, my husband watches Judge Judy all the time. I shake my head at the the craziness that goes on ....

cindy said...

Everyone in Annabell's few days were very special to her. Especially that big comfy couch you talked of.

I believe you are right about God putting hardships in our lives as reminders.

Now! Judge Judy is just another story. I love her sarcasm but she is so right with most of the cases.

Susanne said...

I've often wished I could have a morning ladies walk but I'd have to be out there at 6 a.m. which is a killer.

Judge Judy cracks me sometimes how she can sift through all the nonsense so quickly.

Praying your family is comforted. Annabelle was a precious little gift to you if only for a short time. I'm so glad she had a nice family like yours to love on her when she needed it the most.

Willow said...

My walking buddy (ellenb) moved away several months ago and I miss miss miss her! I'm glad you have a group of friends to walk with.

I'm sorry about little Annabelle. I hope you are feeling comforted...

Carpool Queen said...

I subscribe to the Judge Judy parenting approach because I'd rather they appear before me than someone with true sentencing authority.

ramiro said...

I'd teach him how to find bargains and to always scout for the 90% off sale. When we were done, I would take him to a nails salon where he can watch a lady paint another lady's toes.