Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes crazy is entertaining.

I'm starting to think the house is bugged.  

Just the other day I told Hubs that what we really needed was a new season of The Amazing Race.  Yep, that's what we needed.  I've gone far too long without hearing someone complain about weird food or sleep deprivation.  I miss seeing a prima donna contestant spar with a rough and tough tomboy. 

So, you can imagine my surprise when I turned on the television and saw Phil raise his eyebrow once again as he described the first challenge for Season 17. 

I was so tickled that I wanted to call Susanne and share my joy, but I don't have her number and she also LIVES IN CANADA.

That's a whole 'nother country.

The first few episodes of The Race are usually snoozeville for me.  It takes a sweet forever for each team to get through the legs and challenges and, because there are so many teams, it is hard for me to keep them straight.  I'm such an intellectual.

I always feel sorry for the first team eliminated. I want to run up to that pit stop rug that looks like the rubber mat at Winn Dixie's automatic doors and just hug them.  Don't you?  I want to hug them for trying and going all that way, only to be eliminated the first episode. 

Okay, to be honest, I want to ask them how they kept from falling apart on national television because they were completely embarrassed to be the first team to go home.

After week 3 or 4, I begin to connect with a team or two.  There is usually at least one team that gets on my nerves and one that I start rooting for.

The two teams that stood out to me tonight?  The Singers and the Beauty Queen.

I can already tell the singers are going to get on my nerves. No normal person goes through life singing.  The beauty queen just intrigues me. Each time a beauty queen is on I want to see how she will keep her make-up on the whole time and if she can keep the height on her hair.  I'm nothing if not shallow.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to start looking under all of the lampshades for surveillance devices. 

Tap.  Tap.

Are you there, CBS? 

Tell Phil I said, "Hi."


Kelli said...

I had NO Idea it was starting and was on Facebook when I saw someone post they were watching.

I fell over myself getting to the TV and setting the DVR to record all future episodes.

And was mad that I had missed the first 48 minutes.

Man, oh man.

Now, if only In Plain Sight will come back on, life will be complete.

Susanne said...

I thought of you the whole time watching it wondering if you were watching too! LOL.

You crack me up with the beauty queen stuff. Me thinks this one's constant screaming is going to drive me up a wall. LOL. I was sad to see those friends go first but I think I like who got to the mat this first episode. But it's hard to tell yet at this point. Some of them hold the insanity in for a few episodes. :vD