Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Is Where They Love You

If I have grammatical errors this morning, I apologize.  It is hard to see my "theirs" and "theres" due to my sleepy, blurred vision.  We have a new puppy.

The thing about puppies is they have bladders the size of a gnat, much like their attention span.  But they also have hearts the size of Lake Michigan, so I can't complain.

We met her on Friday.  She's a sweet poodle/terrier mix who was rescued from the streets by a great foster program.  Her foster mom gave her a lot of love and for that, we are grateful.

Strays don't come with papers or a family tree, so your guess about her history is as good as mine.  From the looks of her sweet face, I can tell she's glad that she's home.

And so are we.

Welcome to your furever home, Annabelle!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Love her name too!

I have three rescue dogs, so I am very partial to saving strays. I am so happy you went this route!! I'm sure you are not really minding the sleepless nights, knowing you have such an adorable new family member!

fuzzytop said...

Many many years ago, we got a dog from the animal shelter that looked just like Annabelle. Her name was Bunti, and we were told she was "mostly Norfolk terrier". She was bar none the best dog we ever had. Sweet, affectionate, smart, and loving. We had her for almost 15 years. I'm so happy that your family and Annabelle have found each other...


Anonymous said...

Annabelle is adorable! We two have two pound puppies, as we call our rescue dogs. They are the BEST!

Jeanie said...

So happy about your sweet new puppy. And, believe me, she knows you saved her. Just wait and see how much she loves you! I have two rescues (and two not). One I literally saved from death row at the pound; the other was a stray living on the streets.

Susanne said...


So sweet! Enjoy her.

Carpool Queen said...


Except for the training and early morning bit.

Because the early morning thing kills the whole deal for me.

Roxanne said...

Tried to comment the other day but your word thingy wasn't showing up.

Alas, your puppy looks VERY HAPPY to be home. . .at peace, comfortable, puppyish. . .and I KNOW she will be loved and loved well.

Her name is wonderful.