Thursday, September 09, 2010

Please take this all down, Miss Hathaway.

I woke up this morning, got coffee, fixed breakfast, rushed Daughter off to school, kissed Hubs good-bye, and sat down to catch up on emails and such.  I found a nice, sweet note from Nancy warning me to update my blog or else I was banned from the walking moms group. 

She's such a doll.

Seriously, she's one of my BFF's and is only motivating me to do what she knows I love best- write.

I'd do the same for her.  So, Nanc, if I learn you let a week go by without painting or printing or otherwise exercising your creative genius, I will ban you from the walking group and/or from all those peanuts we're going to boil when the peanut crop is in.  Nuff said.

The truth is that I have at least five posts saved in archives that need tweaking or editing or whathaveyou.  At some point, you look at a post and think, "Ehhh... that's old now.  What's the point?"

Eventually, I just start all over with a new post, which in this case, begins with a threat from one of my best friends.

Insert Transitional Paragraph Here.

Last weekend we went to Amarillo, or as we like to call it, Town. 

Daughter needed some school clothes as we have out shopped SmallTown.  Half of her class is wearing the same Dillard tops and Wal-Mart socks, resulting in what could be the new school uniform.  We have never cared about looking a certain way or being fashionable, but when you have purchased nearly every single top or jeans at the local department stores, it's time to go out of town.  .

On our way, we passed through Hereford.  Hereford has like 1000 cows per person or something, so every time we drive through I have to hold my nose.  Hubs told me then I'd have to breathe it in through my mouth, an ugly, yet less smelly choice.

On this trip we pulled over to take pictures of all the cattle to share with family back home.  Hubs pulled to the side of the road, opened the sun roof, and stood in the seat to take a photo.  All the while I was yelling for him to hurry up because the flies kept coming in the car.  He eventually took a panoramic, so as to include all the bovine, and I still haven't checked to see if it turned out.

When we arrived in Amarillo, we went straight to PetSmart.  We have been looking for a dog since we lost Maggie, and PetSmart was hosting an adoption event.  Well, we thought they were hosting one.  When we got there, a sign was posted at the adoption area announcing that the local shelter would not be bringing any dogs that day.  So we all piled back in the car and drove to the shelter.  We didn't find a dog, but we did get to play with a few pups.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finding Daughter some clothes from stores other than Dillard and Wal-mart.  Note to Justice-  Please offer espresso for moms.  The two hour dressing room event would be much more tolerable.

After a very successful cool school clothes shopping marathon, we all went to World Market.  The foods and kitchen items and colorful decor tickled my poor deprived SmallTown self.  I felt the same way Granny did when she saw the cement pond.  Only Granny didn't buy Italian soda and olives.

Our other adventure included a visit to Cadillac Ranch, the place where some artists buried cars in the ground and now tourists freely spray paint messages and smiley faces.  It's the first time I have actually done any graffiti, partly because it was completely allowed.  For some of you, I know that totally takes the fun out of it.

Before we headed home, we went for a late lunch, dinner (or linner, as we call it) at Red Robin. The mushroom burger?  YUM!

So that was the weekend we went to town.  Stinky cows, shelter dogs, school clothes shopping, yummy food, and a moment with some great artistic Americana.

It was big fun or as Jed would say, "Whewwww, Doggie!"


Carpool Queen said...

DID YOU SEE WHERE I SIGNED MY NAME AT CADILLAC RANCH????????? (I even signed it "CPQ" in case any blog friends stopped by.)

And I'm impressed that you edit your posts. I'm a slacker. I edit during the day, after I hit publish and then read a mispelling or sentence that doesn't flow. That might be violating some rules, so if it is, don't tell me.

And I also went to World Market and bought the Italian sodas (the sale was too good to pass) but I didn't get the olives because I'm the only one that eats them.

I'm chatty today.

See what happens when you don't blog in a sweet forever and I have words left to use?

Roxanne said...

If you got back to TOWN before Thanksgiving, AND you go back to World Market, do yourself the BIGGEST FAVOR EVER and buy a tin of Nyakkar ginger snaps. . .TO. DIE. FOR. Oh. My. Goodness. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. . .and make a great crust for pumpkin cheesecake.

Anonymous said...

Hailing from Podunk, USA, I sooooooo get this shopping out of town thing!!!

BTW, this summer, my son went to New Mexico on a mission trip with the church youth group. The group stopped at THIS "tourist" area...the car thing! I've never before heard of it, but his pictures were quite funny! And here you are blogging about it!

Very cool indeed.

I'm glad you've returned to blogging land. Missed you!!

Tari said...

Definitely give Blue Sky a try next time you go "to town", especially since you like burgers. It's right on I-40, east of the Cadillacs by a bit. We ate there last summer when we drove to CO, and it was ex-ce-llent!