Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Diary of A Road Trip: Part One

Oh, the people I've seen.

First, let me apologize for making this a two part series. I am not claiming that my writing is worthy of one part, much less two parts, but I am southern and long-winded.

We have been on a road trip, first stopping off at Mama's and Daddy's house in Albany (more on that visit in a later post), and then on to my in-law's home in North Augusta, South Carolina.

North Augusta is just across the Savannah River, close enough to Augusta (and Starbucks) yet far enough away from the big "city" life. (Yes, Augusta is considered the city when you want to go shopping or get a good steak.)

My in-laws have lived in North Augusta since before we were married, and I have slowly become acquainted with the town's unique charm and grace. I've also gotten to know some of the people.

On Sunday, we celebrated in my niece's baptism. (As a side note- I have to tell y'all that she was as beautiful as a china doll. Precious. Just Precious. But I'm not one to brag...)

After the service, we went to Sunday School where I met many of my in-laws' friends. I also met a lady who has been reading my blog. She was just as sweet as I imagined. (Hey, Virginia! :>))

The Sunday School teacher, while quite scholarly and Biblically sound in his wisdom and knowledge, was a TOTAL RIOT! The lesson was on Ezekiel and y'all know, unless you are good at discussing dry bones, Ezekiel is a tough book to teach.

Mr. Larry's teaching led us down memory lane to the time when he was a little boy. He reminded us all of the serious consequences of sin and of playing hookey from school.

I also remember something about a shaved dog that looked like a lion...

Yes, M'am. Billy Graham's got nothin' on Mr. Larry. All we needed was a chorus of Just As I Am and it was all over but the shoutin.'

To all of the wonderful people I met Sunday morning, thanks for the hospitality and, in all seriousness (if that is possible at this point), the Christian fellowship and time in God's Word.

Sincerely, Melanie



ValleyGirl said...

God has a wonderful way of putting people in our lives, even if just a short time. You'll likely never forget that one lesson on Ezekiel!!

Susanne said...

Sounds like great times. Ezekial made fun! That is a great gift.