Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Good Hair Moment In Time

I am no good at Photoshop. I can hot glue feathers and do some mean seam ripping, but my computer graphics abilities would make Bill Gates blush.

Inspite of these shortcomings, I wanted to make Big Mama an award because of this post, where she takes us back to many moments in her high school times.

Big Mama, I hereby award you the Hair Spray Award (John Travolta, eat your heart out) for your excellence in styling and maintaining big, perfectly coiffed hair with some of the best mall bangs I have evah seen.

Yes, M'am. That's some stellar hair fixin.'

I apologize for not finding a photo of Flexnet hair spray. It appears that when one Googles for Flexnet in 2007, an Internet Service pops up. (sigh)

Big Mama, I know you have a great imagination, so just imagine a flimsy plastic figurine of a dancer in white boots dancing to "Shake Your Love" attached to the top of the spray can.

It's not "Most Likely to Succeed," but it'll have to do.


Big Mama said...

This may be my favorite award I have ever received. Honestly. :-)

Barb said...

I knew that would be her reaction. Honestly, we're going to see this one in her sidebar. It's that great!

mandy said...

all of us that witnessed that "blast from the past" meme will HAVE to agree that she deserves this one!

Dave and Jess said...

Too funny!

Brenda said...

This is a GREAT award because we all know what hard work went into our hair in the 80's. Good bangs are a thing of envy. You don't get hair to behave that way by merely brushing it!