Monday, August 06, 2007

Quote of quotes

"Mommy, I have to quote Spongebob."

"You have to?"

"Yes, I have to. I am allergic to not quoting Spongebob."

I can't say much. She gets it honestly.


Aunt Boo said...

There are days that I find that I have to quote SpongeBob too. He is a pretty interesting fellow!

ValleyGirl said...

Kid quotes are the best. After reading several here on your blog, I keep meaning to add some to mine, but while I know Hannah said something that made both Greg and I laugh yesterday at supper, I can't, for the life of me, remember what it was!! I really love your blog.

Tammy said...

OK...not a Spongebob fan...however, I love your daughter's logic! heehee Sounds like something my eight year old might say about High School Musical...;)

esbboston said...

You can read the lyrics to my altered version of SpBoSqPa song, which I blogged as A.R.R.T.