Thursday, August 16, 2007

Diary Of A Road Trip: Part Two

AKA "This Is the Last Part of a Two Part Series, So You Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief"

Or was that a yawn?

1. Before leaving for town, I did the obligatory house cleaning in case I die while traveling and all the southern women in my family and church must come to my house to bring potato salad and chicken and rice.

So why does it look like it needs cleaning again today?

My daughter cleaned her room and made her bed all nice and neat. The night before we left she said she wanted to sleep in our room so, "I won't have to mess it up and have to make it all over again in the morning."

She's got her priorities straight, along with her linens.

2. When we got to Mama's it was hot as blue blazes. The heat index was 120. That is insane. You could have fried an egg and a side of bacon on the pavement.

3. One day we took a trip to the Riverquarium in Albany. The aquarium is still fairly new and they are adding exhibits all the time. The latest is the venom exhibit.

They have a raised exhibit of rattlesnakes that you can crawl under and then pop your head up in glass domes where you can see the rattlers nose to fangs, like an idiot, I mean like a brave person who is interested in snakes.

I told my daughter I would go with her. We climbed under and then stuck our heads up in the "protective" dome, right next to two of the rattlesnakes. One of them started to coil when he saw us and I took the moment to teach her that it was a sign he was about to strike. A coiling rattler (under normal conditions with normal people) is a signal to get far, far away.

Daddy could see us from outside the exhibit. You should have seen his face. He kept pointing and motioning at the coiled rattler as if to say,"Um, look, my idiot offspring, I mean sweet daughter, you are about to get bitten by a huge rattlesnake."

A thin layer of plexiglass is not very comforting to my Daddy.

The coiled rattler never did strike at us, or at the plexiglass. I guess he didn't find us very threatening after all.

4. The rest of the visit was spent trying to find fun things to do indoors because it was hot as blue blazes.

It's a good thing I love crafts.

5. Now I must go. I have a house to clean even though it has been empty for a whole week and no one has been here to make it dirty again.

6. And Miss Congeniality needs a bath.


Susanne said...

When we left on vacation and my vacuuming did not get done, I thought of you. And felt like I was going to be a big disappointment to my southern friend. But I did get the dishes done and the beds made!

Lynne said...

You're nuts! Never in a million years would I get that close to one of the "s" creatures! Just reading about this is enough to give me agita. Oh, I can just tell I'm going to have nightmares tonight!

You're a very brave woman - crazy, but brave!

ValleyGirl said...

I'm so glad bringing food to the home of the deceased in droves isn't tradition up here because my house is always a COMPLETE DISASTER when we go away!!! Of course, if I died on vacation, it would save me the trouble of dying of embarrassment when they came to the house! ;) Sounds like you had an awesome time away from home.

jamie b said...

Hey! I saw a link to your blog on boomama's! Just wanted to say hi and that I live in Albany! :)

Anyway, I think you are so funny and I enjoy your posts very much! :)

Moriah said...

Hey! I've clicked on over here a few times from BooMama's. I'm all about my serious reads.

Anyway, your daughter sounds a little like me growing up, not wanting to mess up her linens. My mom says I would fold my dirty laundry and then place it in the hamper.

I don't do that anymore.