Thursday, August 23, 2007

Welcome to Mayberry

I've mentioned before about the sweet neighbors we have in the neat little neighborhood with the critters from the deep.

Y'all have no idea how eerily wonderful it is.

Today a lady down the street invited some of us for a "Back To School" potluck because, you know, our kids have gone back to school and now it is time to Par-Tay with casseroles and broccoli salad.

WOOHOO! Somebody just might be wearing a lampshade!

It was also my next door neighbor's birthday. We signed a card that played the chicken dance music. As it played, we all flapped our arms and clapped and MADE COMPLETE FOOLS OF OURSELVES.

Happy Birthday from your nerdy neighbors and their Pyrex dishes.

Then this evening my daughter and I went out for a birthday dinner with our neighbor and some of her friends. She had graciously invited us along for the celebration. Hubs was working and we would have been sitting home eating chicken nuggets or some other fine cuisine. Instead, we had Thai- yum.

On the way home, we looked in awe at all the cars at our new McDonald's. Y'all just don't know. This new McDonald's has been all the buzz. You'd think we got a mall; the anticipation has been nearly impossible to contain. Every day during construction we would ride by and observe the progress.

My neighbor looked at us and said,"You guys wanna try out the new McDonald's? Let's stop for an ice cream."


"You wanna go through the drive thru or go in?"

"Doesn't matter."

"OHHHHH! Let's go in so we can check it out!"

Yes, people. We spent the end of our evening checking out the new McDonald's because apparently they all have their own unique way of frying up the exact same recipes. I use the word "recipe" loosely.

But, oh! It was soooo cool. It is one of those new ones with contemporary decor. If I wasn't Baptist and didn't know any better, I'd say it looks a lot like a club.


And this Mickey D's has video games. Yes, M'am. If your brain has not turned to mush from the lack of nutrition, you can add to the damage by playing a game on a touch screen.

While eating your ice cream.

Andy never saw excitement quite like this.


Kelli said...

Too, too funny.

We lived in a small parish in Louisiana with. no. Mcdonalds. It had closed. Can you imagine that. It was unreal.

However, in the People's Republic of Oregon where my folks live, they remodeled the long-standing McD's to the new "hip" look. Needless to say, to the seniors (of which my mom is one) that are about the only ones who frequent it anymore ... it was worthy of a scandal.

Danielle said...

This is so funny! When we moved to our small town they didn't have an order speaker thing for the drive thru, you ordered right at the window to a sweet lady that called everyone honey! It was wonderful! Now we talk to a speaker, that's progress I guess!

Melanie said...

The funny thing is that our town really isn't small, but we live away from anything. All the restaurants are a drive away, including all the fast food places.

Susanne said...

And the picture you picked totally goes with your post. Love it.

Dreama said...

I am loving this! I live in a small Texas town. We have a stop light in use to be a four way stop!!! Loving the picture!!!!

Roxanne said...

The Andy Griffith show is one of the re-runs I never tire of. . .the thing I loved the most was how one of his pant legs was always hung on the top of his boot.

The SAME thing happens to my son when HE wears boots. Too funny.

Tammy said...

Oh, I loved this, Melanie! And as funny as it is, it actually makes me wish I lived in a small town like that.
Ask anybody who knows me...I'm a small town girl wannabe...and a HUGE fan of TAGS (better known as The Andy Griffith Show for those not in the know...) LOL

Linda said...

"Well, Barn, don't that beat all?!"

ValleyGirl said...

What a great story! You gotta love what passes for excitement in a small town!! Coming from the big city, I'm still amazed at what draws a crowd out here -- and yet I'm always in the crowd myself!!

annie said...

Oh, they tore our McD's all the way to the ground, slab and all. I WONDER!!!!! Could it be? Great blog post. Love your writing.