Monday, March 17, 2008

The Beavers Are Back

Well, the truth is they probably never left.

Our contract ran out with Mr. Edwards and now we are on our own. Best we can tell, there are two beavers left in the pond. Two very smart, very rude beavers.

They take stuff without asking and everything!

We've ordered some humane traps but my neighbor said that beavers can become "trap wise." She should know.

After all of her lovely tropical plants were stolen she became the neighborhood expert on beavers. In fact, people come from all over to see her as she sits in her back yard wearing one of those OhWiseOne capes, sitting in front of a small fire with her trusty dog by her side, passing out ice cream sandwiches instead of a peace pipe (she doesn't smoke) and mumbling things like, "Don't... plant... banana... trees.... Ommmmm....."

Or something like that.

Anyway, my husband cut down some shrubs and unwanted brush between our yard and the pond thereby making unobstructed access to his garden. The beavers are loving it. They have tunneled, chopped, chewed, gnawed and clawed their way onto the bank of the pond and into our yard.

They really need to work on their manners. However, their digestive systems must be in top condition. Lack of dietary fiber is not a problem.

Now, if only we could get them to eat all of the newly grown Spring weeds instead. I think we should hire a Beaver Whisperer.


1 comment:

Roxanne said...

I'm envisioning some tricked out beavers in late '80's dance suits of red shiny fabric giving M.C. Hammer a run for his money. . .

"Beevah time. . .duh duh duh duh. . .duh duh. . .duh duh. . ."