Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not necessarily a product endorsement

Well, I wore my new make-up today and while I did like the look and feel of it, I pretty much look exactly the same as I did yesterday.

Only a day older.

However, Miss Tracy did her wonderful works on my hair and after two hours of sitting in the salon chair, head in the sink, under the dryer and back in the chair again, I am Totally Blonde and Sun-In free.

Basically, if you witnessed me committing a crime yesterday and I was in a line-up today, you would say, "It was that lady there, but yesterday she had really terrible roots and streaks of gray. Other than that she looks exactly the same..."

"...only a day older."


Kelli said...


Laurel Wreath said...

Your too funny!

PJ said...

Right!! I'm sure you look stunning!

Roxanne said...

If you go use some QT people will SWEAR you're 16. . .and "tan."