Saturday, March 22, 2008

Butterflies and Rainbows

If you have already seen this movie, you know where the title of this post came from. I won't spoil it for the rest of you, but it was one of my favorite lines in the whole movie.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went with our friends, S. and her daughter to see Horton. S. and I are good friends and our daughters are good friends. We all go to church together but rarely get to spend any quality time doing "friend stuff."

The girls sat in the row just in front of us. They thought it was so cool and grown-up to sit away from their moms. Sniff. Sniff. They are getting so big. One day they won't need us anymore. Or at least they'll think so.

We went to the movie after eating way too much CiCi's pizza. (I'll speak for myself.) So much pizza that my daughter didn't get popcorn and I didn't even get snowcaps. That's a lotta pizza.

Throughout the movie, we all laughed. A lot. We could hear our girls' giggles. They could hear their moms' giggles.

After the movie was over, my daughter said,"I heard you laugh, Mommy."

It really touched my heart in kind of a silly way. She heard her Mommy laugh and it made her smile. I hope she can always hear her Mommy laugh. I hope I can always hear her laugh. Even if she is sitting one row or 10 rows ahead of me.

And they will still need us, S.

Someone has to buy the tickets and the pizza! :>)


Susanne said...

What a sweet memory!

Kelli said...

It's funny how, the older they get, the more we want to hold on.

We're making great memories in the house here, too.

Roxanne said...

How fun. We haven't see the new flick yet but will. I'm glad to hear it's good. And CiCi's. . .the cinnamon rolls? Oh. My. Goodness.

PJ said...

Wonderful!!! May you have many many more days of laughter!

Linda said...

I'm glad you are in the moment like this. That's the way you build memories. Was the movie good, by the way?