Monday, March 03, 2008

A Pulled Pork Update

Well, today was wonderful. I am so proud of my husband. It was a nice time of celebration with family.

In grand Southern tradition, we had plenty of food. Heaven help the person who runs out of food at a party. (Right now, my grandmother is smiling down on us, even though there was a least one gallon of unsweetened tea served.)

Anyone want some brisket and a side of beans? My freezer would be much obliged.

Love you, hubs! ;>)


Kathleen Marie said...

My first visit to your blog and I love the name! The banquet also sounded wonderful...lots of great southern cooking! God Bless!

PJ said...

Brisket?? I'll take some any ole' day!! Sounds like fun. And isn't that a funny Southern thing -- one must never run out of food (or even come close!) and the tea must be swe' tea. I sooooo remember!