Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WFMW: Clever Storage

Guess what is in here.

Laundry? Nope.


We take our shoes off at the door and sometimes the entrance looks like Payless during the BOGO sale. A big ole mess. My smart neighbor has two of these baskets in her home for her family's shoes- one at the front door and one near the garage entrance.

I found this basket at a close-out store for $25.00! The round shape doesn't scream "laundry" and the handles make it look a little more interesting.

Any basket with a lid will do.

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S.B. said...

Good idea. There is only two of us and a baby and we always have shoes lying around.

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Mzzterry said...

Wonderful tip. The secret is HIDING them, the lid is the key!! Thanks for sharing!!

Jennifer said...

Fabulous idea!!! Our entry way looks like Ross after a mega shoe sale. What a fun and trendy looking way to solve that problem. However, I am betting that we'd still be too lazy to put the shoes in the basket and they would collect around it. The laundry does the same thing around the hampers. *sigh*

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

That is an excellent idea. We need something like that for the shoe graveyard at our front door!

lovemyraysons said...

Love this idea! I use a basket already but it's a big ol' open one. I love how a lid and cute basket make things look neater. I'm gonna try it!

Here's to our attempts to cut down dirt/dust and whatever else our families bring in on their feet.

sarah said...

this is so cleaver, but I am sure we would just take our shoes off and set the RIGHT NEXT TO the basket! Sometimes our lazyness is impressive!

PJ said...

I love it. I have a little basket -- but it's not big enough and doesn't look nearly as "neat". Love the lid!

Linda said...

I have a very similar basket, but we do use it for laundry. This is a great idea.

Laane said...

Great idea!

Here we have all our special cellphone equipment, cables and other stuff in one of those baskets.

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Have a great day!!!

{Karla} said...

oohhh - I love this!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice. Very Nice!

Roxanne said...

Yeah--I have a basket but it's open, and I love the idea of having a lid on it--makes ALL the sense in the world. Now I'm off to Garden Ridge Pottery to claim my home for shoes!!!