Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Life Imitates Blogging

My in-laws have a new phrase around their house. Whenever they are hungry or just something like that, they say,"Where's Miss Melanie? We want snack."

It all started from this post.

Here are a few blog-related thoughts for me-

I think of Sophie's Mama whenever I hear about a fish camp or a fish fry.

I cannot look at an eyelash curler without thinking about Big Mama.

Once, I actually found a rock in my dryer. You guessed it.

I think about Linda whenever I cook ham.

What about you? Is there anything you say or do around your house that all started from someone's blog?


Rocks In My Dryer said...

Thanks to Sophie, I may say "blog", but I THINK "blawg."

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Funny post, Melanie. There are so many things that remind me of my blogosphere friends.

I concur with the Big Mama-eyelash curler connection.

I won't ever see a picture of Lisa Left Eye Lopez without thinking of Linda now.

Being of The North, a commercial or print ad for NASCAR will always remind me of Queen B.

Thanks to tonight's post by both Shannon and Sophie, I'll never see a bottle of suntan lotion again without thinking "monkey alarm."

And those are just the surface thoughts. Lord help us all if I dug deeper.

Anonymous said...

I love that BooMama runs all her words together. for emphasis. rightthissecond. and ends all her phrases with periods. for emphasis, y'all, for emphasis.
The others are quite funny too...Fashion Fridays anyone? Works for me Wednesdays, Y'all? I actaully bought a big-ole box of Borax because of it.
The best part is that they are real...silly one day, then transparent and humble the next.

Lindsey said...

Well. I started reading blogs after having my 2nd child this past August. It helped me through the low hormonal periods. Boomama, Bigmama, Rocks in my dryer, and you helped me laugh during my little girl's colic days (yes, colic-induced crying for at least 5-6 hours per day)...some days that was the only time I laughed. I was so thankful for those little periods of normalcy.

Lindsey said...

I didn't really answer your question...

Every time my little girl has a crying spurt now I still want to run to my laptop:)

{Karla} said...

I make boomamas green beans a lot. so she has become a part of my kitchen.

xo ~ K