Thursday, March 20, 2008

He Knew

That night, He knew. He knew what was going to happen. In the quiet of the evening, in a garden among friends, He knew.

He could have left. After all, when He asked them to pray with Him, they fell asleep. No one would have known where or when He escaped that night as His friends rested peacefully, completely naive to what lay ahead.

But, He knew.

He talked to The Father so intensely that His blood fell from His brow. The sins of the world pressed upon Him.

He had always known.

Before the creation of the Earth, He knew. Along with The Father and The Holy Spirit, He planned it all. He knew when Adam was formed from the dust what Adam would do that would require Him to be The Sacrifice for all.

Then the night had come. That Night. The night when they would come to take Him and He would offer Himself, willingly and lovingly for all the world.

He did it all because He knew.

He knew that one day I would be unable to pay for my own unrighteousness. Unable to do anything, say anything, give anything that would erase and cleanse my sin. He knew that I would need Him. He knew that I would choose Him.

He knew that others would ask Him into their hearts to live with Him forever. He knew that many would reject Him. Yet, He still waited that night when He could have called a thousand angels to take Him away.

He stayed.

He wept.

He suffered.

He died to rise again.

All because He knew.


PJ said...

How wonderfully written. Poetic. Thank you!

Jeanne robinson said...

Love it Thank you so much for reminding me that He Knew. What my life would be like without our Heavenly Father, Happy Easter Love Jeanne

Gotta GROW with it said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for putting my thoughts in the right perspective today as I hustle around preparing for Easter.

Incredible that HE loves us that much, huh?!

MooBeeMa said...

Yay! And Amen!

Linda said...

So glad we are sisters in Him!

Tracye said...


I found you at Rocks In My Dryer.

Love your comment about the co-ed sleepover thing.

And I REALLY love this post.

I get teary-eyed just thinking about Him on the cross, thinking of ME.

I taught Theology to 9th graders for five years, and they always thought I was crazy when we got to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and I'd have to pause and wait for the tears to subside so I could speak again. Well, they didn't all think I was crazy. Some of them got it.

FabTheMayor said...

So powerful!