Friday, October 10, 2008

Eric Carle nailed it.

The caterpillar raisin' has gotten a bit out of hand.

One of them has gone and gotten grouchy and decided not to share with the triplets. I fed them fresh leaves (yes, my life is just brimming with excitement) and the big guy reared up at a little guy. His little mouth was too small for me to hear and, um, well, caterpillars don't talk, but I can bet he was being sassy.

Hey, buddy. I can put you on the porch for the crows. Yes, I can.

When I picked up my daughter from school this afternoon, she was walking down the hall with her backpack, chatting away with some friends and holding a pill bottle.

It seems a very sweet boy found two caterpillars at his house, plopped them in an old Wal-mart pharmacy pill bottle, added a few sprigs of grass and VOILA!

Gift to my daughter.

Note to class: She is not Marlin Perkins.

Of course, she was thrilled to pieces.

Two kids in the class wanted to take them home with them, and this placed my daughter in an awkward position. She wanted to make them smile but we aren't re-gifters. Besides the sweetness of the gift, the gifter actually caught the gifts, so I'd say it's pretty special.

So now we have six caterpillars. Count them. Six. And an old pill bottle to return.

I'm so glad she doesn't like snakes!


Carol said...

Oh my! Caterpillars?? Too funny. Thanks for your comment at the Cafe today. Have a great weekend. Only a week and a half until Glorieta. Are you getting excited? :) Carol

Susanne said...

If you return the pill box you know you're going to get more catepillars back in it, right?

Roxanne said...

Oh. . .man. . .this happened to me but with a bird. The 5th graders the Year of Charlie turned into 6th graders that delivered a mockingbird to my classroom the following year one morning before I arrived.

Mockingbirds are NOT House Sparrows is all I'm sayin'. All students were informed to NEVER bring another bird again.

You, however, might like to have a bird right about now. :)