Sunday, October 05, 2008

Future Headline: Changed

This great post at Roxanne's (love the last line) inspired me to write the following. I began to think about what exactly we all are clothed in and if anyone really notices.

Imagine the fictitious article below appearing in the next issue of your favorite national newspaper. Then, consider the possibilities if it were indeed news.


The leading candidate was seen today, campaigning in one of the swing states, shaking hands and kissing babies.

Leading by a slim margin, this politician appears to be taking drastic measures.

He has turned down all campaign contributions and has given most of his campaign fund away to Disaster Relief and Food Bank Ministries.

He has dismissed all campaign advisers.

His boldest move yet? When asked a question, he told the truth.

Washington is buzzing with the news of a brand new kind of campaign. No one knew that truth mattered, yet every politician swears by it.

But this congressman swears by real truth. The Truth.

Promising to be the example for real change, the leading candidate stood behind a small podium Sunday night in church where he called a press conference.

Before reporters and cameras, he gave his testimony of how Jesus has changed his life, of how God has shown him His Purpose, and how he is not afraid to share his testimony.

Even if it means losing the election.

When posed the question,"Why now?" the candidate answered, "It's about time. Don't you think?"

Media and lobbyists across the nation are already on the bashing bandwagon claiming the overused, not-in-the-Constitution "separation of church and state." Even some Christian groups say that there is no room for God in the White House.

But when asked who they cried out to on 9-11, most of them said, "God."

The candidate, who has now withdrawn completely from his party's affiliation and from any other affiliation was asked if he is now an Independent.

He replied,"No. I'm a dependent. In fact, I always have been. The only difference is that now I depend on God instead of polls, lobbyists and CNN."

During the press conference, a well-dressed reporter raised her hand and asked,"There is something different about you, congressman. Is it your wardrobe? I have to ask, who are you wearing?"

"That would be a robe of righteousness, His righteousness, madam. It was given to me for a price; no special interest group could finance this," the congressman answered, "and thanks for noticing."

The congressman can be seen in church this Sunday, praising the Lord and asking for guidance. The liberal media and doubting Thomases are invited to join him.

Remember, the above article is complete fiction.
What if it were true? What would you think?


Roxanne said...

That's awesome!!!

nancygrayce said...

I would think, finally, someone I can vote for and feel good about!