Thursday, October 16, 2008

Then we plowed the field and churned the butter.

My daughter and I were making soap yesterday. We melted the glycerin, added coloring and fragrance, poured it into the plastic mold and waited.

In about an hour, we had some lovely shell soaps.

As we sat at the kitchen table admiring our work, I decided to share a little perspective.

"You know, years ago, you had to make all of your soap," I said," not just for a craft. It was made of something called Lye and it smelled awful. People made their soap for baths and for washing clothes."


"Yes, and you had to haul water from somewhere to wash the clothes."

"Was this when you were a kid?"



Tari said...

that was what we call a "and I'm using your college fund for a new Jaguar" moment.

the other night my husband was trying to get our 5 year old to read the word "bold", but he wasn't paying attention so he kept hearing "bald". he shouted out "i know bald, daddy! it's right here!" and tapped husband on the head. oh my.

Roxanne said...

My Granny actually FOR REAL made lye soap. . .she said it would "burn the hide off ya." She would know.

Joy ☺ said...

I happened across your blog from your post on the internet cafe. I just have to say: you are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

What happened after the "sigh?"

Did you give examples from your childhood?


Anonymous said...

My son borrowed my childhood Bible one time and as he was flipping through it on the way to church, he found the New Testament. That's when he said, "Hey Mom. They had the New Testament when you were a little girl?" I replied I may know Jesus but I didn't walk the earth with him.