Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Works For Me: A few of my favorite products

After yesterday's post, I thought I'd share a few more of my favorite products.

And really, I should be posting something called, "How To Keep A Cat From Stealing Your Breath" because Maggie is sitting next to me staring me down. It is borderline creepy.

Of course, I realize that she is not evil. Just high maintenance.


Here are a few of my favs.

Viva Paper Towels- I like Bounty, but Viva is so soft. And strong. And sometimes cheaper.

Eucerin Calming Cream- The goodness of Eucerin with an added soothing ingredient for extra dry, irritated skin. It is helping a lot with my dry skin in New Mexico. LOVE IT.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda/ Peroxide Toothpaste- Leaves your mouth fresh and is easy on the gums. I use the one without tartar control.

Brummel and Brown Strawberry Spread- Tastes better than cream cheese. Oh, yes it does. And it's yogurt! I found mine at Wal-mart.

Swiffer dusters with lavender scent- Ahhh, clean.

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Sarah said...

I did not know about Brummel and Brown. Looks wonderful!

I use the lavendar scented Swiffer wets. Makes me so happy I mopped! :-)

Fiddledeedee said...

Well. We're sharing a brain. Viva is the only paper towel I will purchase, Eucerine calming cream is a skin saver in my house, and A&H Peroxide Toothpaste is the only thing my toothbrush will tolerate.

This Lavender Swiffer business I must check out. :)