Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: All I Needed to Know I Learned At A Writer's Conference

1. When you have loved to write since you were a little kid, chances are that itch will never go away.


So, go ahead and scratch.

2. That feeling that you are weird?

Yep, you are. But, guess what! There are a whole bunch of people out there just as weird as you.

Maybe even weider. (Like in an Ernest Hemingway kind of way!)

3. Allowing the word "weider" to stay in your post will make you twitch. The grammar snob in you shall never die.

4. Meeting people who like to doodle or play with fun verbs validates you in some way.

The fun verbs part proves that you are a nerd.

5. Don't feel bad about math. Those other people you met, you know the ones who think like you? They aren't good at math either.

They could rename Writer's Conferences "Math Phobics Anonymous"

And we already know that Anonymous has written a lot of good stuff.

6. The people you meet are so talented and, even though they are a weird like you, they are weird in a cool way. Which means there is a small chance that you may be cool, too.

Or also.

7. Meeting Carol and Amy was awesome.

And if it were not for Carol's careful nudging, OKAY, I'LL GO ALREADY! you would not have gone at all.

8. And learned that you are weird.

9. And maybe a little cool.

10. And grateful that there are Christian Writer's Conferences out there.

11. For the people who are weird and maybe a little cool.

12. All for Jesus.

13. And that there is no way you would ever sign up for the Calculus Conference.

No mathematical way.


Sandy said...

According to this there's hope for me yet! :)

Carol said...

Aww, shucks! I loved getting to meet you, too. I'm so glad you came and lived to tell the tale. ;)

Writing Military Mom said...

Which conference did you attend?

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

One of my favorite T-shirt sayings is, "English major. You do the math." Totally cracks me up.

Mrs. Makeover said...

Sounds like a great conference! And, just a guess, it sounds like you really get a kick out of using the word, "weird." lol!

PJ said...

One of these days I'm going to a writer's conference. Bt I want to at least have some substantial progress on my book first. So far, I have lots of starts.