Monday, January 19, 2009

Cat Myth Busters

Shannon has a rodent problem. Actually, the rodent problem has gone away (as in The Godfather gone away) but the rodent itself has not gone away.

Confused? See Shannon's post.

So now she is hesitantly considering a cat and asked for comments about cats. I'm a cat person and I'm long winded, so I decided to just post it.

Shannon, you are right. Cats are arrogant and stuck-up, on their high horse and all of those things. There is a reason they call them "little old ladies in fur coats." Just think of the lady at church who notices when you wear white after Labor Day. That's a cat, but without the bundt cake.

Dogs are pretty much loyal to anyone. Cats are choosy. They love people who love them back. If they choose a family and that family is mean to them, cats will pack up their little fur coats and high tail it out of town.

Don't let those mad scientists lie to you. No cat is hypo-allergenic. None that I've heard of. The hairless one- get this- require a weekly bath.


I saw it on Animal Planet.

Plus, from what I've heard, all cats have some dander, no matter how much hair they have or if they are indeed bald and creepy. The dander is the issue.

It is possible to manage a cat allergy with medication. We have a family member who is mildly allergic. The cat cannot sleep in the room with the person who is allergic or sneak naps in there during the day either.

If you are still reading at this point, I should remind you of one more cat fact. They live forever.

Maggie is nearly twelve (which means she's in her sixties in human years) and she still plays like she's eighteen with a fake ID. This may have more to do with the fact that she is waited on hand and paw.

Nonetheless, cats (especially indoor ones) live a very long time compared to dogs. And I'm not even figuring in the nine lives.

As for the rodent problem and the cat dilemma, you might want to consider getting a rat terrier.

Or just moving.


Susanne said...

A rat terrier. LOL.

Our beloved, and spoiled rotten, kitty lived 22 years. She was one old lady! But with non of the cantankerousness. She was a sweetheart and we still miss her.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Yorkies were bred to be little to retrieve rats. But my dog has trouble picking up an empty paper towel roll. This post is in my fav. top 5 of yours. You are perhaps the funniest blogger I know.

Ann said...

This is soooo true! Our cat is 11 1/2 and acts just like she did 9 years ago. She only likes ME AT BEDTIME...hates my 5 year old, SOMETIMES like my 18 year old and USUALLY likes my dh!
As tempermental as she is I LOVE having a cat to snuggle with at night...