Friday, January 09, 2009

Stuff I've Never Done

Just as I sat down at the keyboard to write about the boring stuff I have done AKA stare into space and sip coffee, my brilliant blog friend Linda asks us to share what we haven't done that most people have done.

Is she smart or what?

Make sure you read Linda's list today. Linda, I wish I could join you and say I had never been skiing. We all know how that story turned out.

And, really. This list should inspire me to make resolutions to do all these things, but I'm too cynical for that. Plus, I'm proud of a few of them. (See #4)

1. I have never watched an entire Star Wars movie all the way through. I hear you gasping through cyberspace. I've seen clips here and there and I know all the characters, a little of the plots, but that's it. Please do not banish me from your blogrolls. My husband has recently taken pity on me and vowed to rent all the movies (see I can't even say if they are a trilogy or set or whatever) so that I can be a little more normal and less of a geek.

He's a good man.

2. I have never been water skiing. I lived in Florida for years, near Lake Blackshear in Georgia over half my life. And I'm a pretty good swimmer. Can't figure that one out.

3. I still have never had a real pedicure. I'm working on this one. Baby steps, baby steps. (Get it?) I bought the Ped Egg to use at home so that I don't send any pedicure people away screaming when I take off my mules.

4. I have never, ever used a porta-potty. No, not ever. One time Hubs and I were driving across Texas and I called him on the CB to ask for a pit stop. (Yes, the CB!)

We pulled over at the next rest area and all the bathrooms were closed. Porta-potties lined the parking lot. I picked up my CB and said, "Breaker 1-9, Keep driving."

I have a bladder that astronauts would envy.

5. I've never been to Mexico. This may seem like no big deal, but considering that I lived in Tucson, one would wonder.

I have, however, eaten some really good Mexican food.

And I know a little Spanish.

Por Favor.

6. I've never stolen anything. Not even a pack of gum as a kid.

7. I've never been on a cruise. This one will probably remain on this list, as I have no desire whatsoever to go on one. Neither does Hubs.

8. I have never broken a bone. This may come as no surprise since it appears I do not do anything that may cause me to break a bone, like water skiing or using a Porta-Potty.

Not sure if you could break a bone using a porta-potty, but I bet it's possible.

What about you? What haven't you done that most people have?


Jean said...

I also have not done quite a few of the things on your list.
Port A Potty yes even with a bladder of steel.
Star Wars yes..I have 3 boys, there's just no way out of it. Honestly, skipping the last 3 (the newest ones) would be perfectly fine.

Susanne said...

Shhhh, don't tell but I've never sat through a whole Star Wars either. They never appealed to me in the 80's and they don't really appeal to me now.

Wish I could say I've never used a porta potty. I unfortunately do not have the holding properties of yourself. :vD

pcb said...

I'm with you on at least two of those. I wish I could say I've never used a porta potty.

Interesting to ponder; I think I will have to come up with my list. First on it: I've not read one word of a Harry Potter book.

Kathy said...

Not only have I not sat through an entire Star Wars movie, I have attempted to ... I haven't seen a single minute of a single Star Wars movie. Shocking, I know.

I, too, wish that I could say that I've never used a porta-potty. I have a bladder of ... well, whatever the opposite of steel is! LOL

Hillary Dunham said...

My husband MADE me watch Star Wars and I loved it. I haven't seen the last one made (3rd one)and he is still mad at me. But we got a dog after I watched the original trilogy and her name is Leia. We have another dog named Luke. I don't want to ruin anything for you, but let's just say they're "related" in our house- siblings, that is.
And you need a pedicure. You. Need. A. Pedicure. (not that I've seen your feet or anything) They are wonderful!

Karla Ann said...

never watched an entire football game.
but ive been to several superbowl parties....

never been to mardi gras. but i love the music....

never eaten sushi. but i lived at the ocean for four years.

bensrib said...

Ditto on the Star Wars and breaking a bone. I have a hard time sitting through a movie I LIKE--I could never sit through one of those.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Hilarious. The Star Wars one seems to be a pretty common one, actually. We need to form a whole Anti-Star Wars Legion or something. The Porta Potty cracks. me. up. #6? Really? Not even a paper clip? (Guess you know I'm not as innocent as you in this now.)

Chris said...

I have never watched SW's all the way through either. Or Indiana Jones. I have been on a cruise and wish I haven't. I didn't like it.

Carol said...

Hilarious. I'm so proud of you for buying the Pediegg. I told you it was good. But GIRL you gotta get a pedicure. And STAR WARS???? That is unpardonable. Go watch it this weekend and report back. We quote lines from the movies at least 6 times a day over here.