Monday, January 05, 2009

Napkins trump ski masks every time.

Over the weekend, I bought a bag of Donettes powdered doughnuts. My daughter had asked me on several shopping trips if I'd buy some and finally, I caved.

I can remember going to the grocery store on Saturday mornings and my own mama buying us a bag of powdered doughnuts. They were not Donettes, but another brand that I can't remember. Powdered sugar can make you forget if you're eating Dunkin or Krispy Kreme. It literally covers a multitude of sins. And carbs.

Every morning my daughter asks for one doughnut for breakfast. Then one more. Then another. We try to balance the doughnuts with a good bowl of cereal or pancakes or some other source of carbs that doesn't sprinkle on the parenting guilt.

My weakness is a night. The little guys just call my name, waiting to be eaten with a glass of milk while I watch O'Reilly or Seinfeld reruns.

This morning, we danced the doughnut dance once again. My daughter asked for a doughnut, looked in the bag, counted, then asked if I wanted one. I declined, but later looked in the bag to find one doughnut. The little lonely guy just asked for me to rescue him from his solitude, so I popped him in my mouth with a sip of coffee.

I walked in the living room and found Hubs and our daughter snuggled on the couch watching cartoons. Leaning over, I covered their laps with a soft blanket. How sweet. The two of them creating a special moment.

When I reached over, my daughter said,"Did you eat the last doughnut?"

Hubs laughed and said,"Mommy is busted."

Apparently, if you are going to eat the last powdered doughnut, it is a good idea to wipe the powdered sugar from your mouth.

If OJ had stopped by Krispy Kreme on his way home, he would be doing hard time right now.


Hillary Dunham said...

Hilarious! At least you got the last doughnut, right?

Anonymous said...

Actually, OJ is doing hard time right now...just for a different crime. I found your blog today via 2nd cup. I'll be back to hear more!

Lauramamadoula said...

very funny!! I've done that with chocolate. try to sneak some when my kids aren't around so they wont ask for some too (b/c well they get hyper from the stuff!) but they can smell chocolate a mile away. as soon as I come into the room I here little noses sniffing followed by: "can we have chocolate too!?!!!"
they are clever!