Thursday, January 01, 2009


Today we'll be eating blackeyed peas and cornbread. It's a family tradition, along with avoiding washing clothes and sweeping floors.

As I start the new year with my sweet husband and daughter, I look back on 2008 with laughter, tears and a lot of learning.

1. I learned that I can handle much more than I thought. And sometimes God blesses us abundantly because He expects us to do something with those blessings.

2. I came to terms with my Starbucks addiction. Acceptance truly is the first step towards healing.

3. I found that if this blogging thing doesn't turn out that I could very well live a life of crime. Or at the very least, avoid dusting.

4. I was pretty much fed up with images directed at my daughter.

5. I finally told y'all about my warped aversion to the library.

6. I bonded with the Bug Man.

7. Our family said a few difficult good-byes.

8. I let my heart pull me in and found that giving is so much more than writing a check.

9. I voted in an election that nearly drove me batty.

10. I was horribly embarrassed by my fellow American consumers, but at the end of the day, I know in my heart that there is still hope in this fallen world.

I pray that you will find that Hope.

Have a Blessed New Year!


Susanne said...

Fun wrap up to the year. For most of those I remembered exactly which posts you were refering to. :v)

Happy New Year, Melanie!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

One of my favs is the library post. You're always best when there's a bee in your bonnet.