Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gospel Message in a Burger King Hat

Between being a child, having a child and teaching children in church over the years, I've been witness to various pageants, plays and musicals.

The thing about kids is that, no matter what happens, the crowd will love them. Once you become a grown-up, people expect you to be, you know, talented and coordinated to be successful and entertaining.

Which must be what happened to The Jackson Five. All except for Michael, who really never grew up anyway.

Vacation Bible School productions are always a huge hit. By the end of the week, the kids are so high from craft glue and Capri-Suns that anything they do on stage is bound to be entertaining. And really, what's better than to corral one hundred sweaty kids on an elevated stage while they flail their arms and legs and sing?

Solid. Gold.

But my favorite kid productions are always the ones at Christmas. There is a certain sense of innocence and wonder and there is a least one kid picking his nose. Bless his mama's heart. That's a sweet video for the family collection.

In addition, there are always kids with costumes that are too big, kids whose Mamas didn't read the flyer that went home about wearing a certain color shirt, angel wings that fall off and halos made of cheap Christmas garland. At least there's still a good use for it.

There is also one little girl on the stage who is determined that baby Jesus is either under or over dressed. She becomes the pageant's Nurse On Call, which is a good thing because I'd hate for the Lord and Savior to get pneumonia.

Then there are the wise men. One Wise Man is wearing a Burger King crown, turned around so we can't see the logo. We all know that the Wise Men would never go to Burger King because the toys there are lame.

One kid waves to his parents during the entire program. He doesn't sing. Instead, he uses his energy to punch the shepherds in the arm or step on Mary's bare toes. (By the way, Mary is always wearing cute sandals like Crocs or pink flip flops under her over sized sheet costume. She may be innocent, but she knows fashion.)

People think the waving brat, I mean, kid is sweet. The crowd usually giggles and it makes for a great America's Funniest Videos moment.

But, all teachers know that the Perpetual Waving Kid is usually the one who took the clothes off baby Jesus in the first place and destroyed the original Wise Men crowns, which is why the music teacher had to run out at the last minute to beg for the cheap, paper Burger King ones.

At the end of every Christmas musical is an encore of a super cute, message-filled number when all the kids sing their little hearts out around the baby Jesus. Thanks to the Pre-K Nurse On Call, He is in costume and appropriately ready to be the center of attention.

And thanks to the real baby Jesus, that super cute, message-filled number declares the Gospel message of Christmas. To all of us.

Even the Perpetual Waving Kid.


Roxanne said...

"Vacation Bible School productions are always a huge hit. By the end of the week, the kids are so high from craft glue and Capri-Suns that anything they do on stage is bound to be entertaining."

SEER--EE--US--LEE. . .I have not even finished the post, nor have I gotten past this sentence, but it is one of the funniest things I've read in awhile.

Spot on and hilarious.

Roxanne said...

NOW I've finished your post. . .it was good all the way through.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Loved this. It's reminiscent of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever," a short book which I HIGHLY recommend you to read. I read it every year, and it chokes this tough old bird up every time.

Susanne said...

LOL. You are good! You've perfectly articulated the whole pageant thing.

Susan said...

Oh, this was so good, and so true.

I remember those plays.

Blessings to you!!

fuzzytop said...

You've captured it perfectly....!

Carol said...

This is awesome! I loved it!