Tuesday, December 09, 2008

But you can't take The South out of the girl.

This is what we found this morning after rubbing our eyes and slowly creeping out from under the warm covers.

Snow? Eh.

I opened the blinds so our daughter could see what was left from the powdery frozen sprinkles while she sat and ate her breakfast.

If I were a really good mother, I would have gotten up early and made hot pancakes and bacon for my sweet child. Alas, she ate her cold Kix cereal while gazing at the snowfall which did not meet any school closure standards.

Hubs leaves for work before we leave for school. I told him the ice scraper was in the SUV so he could scrape the ice from the windshield on his car. When I got out to my Honda, my windshield was clean. I love that man.

Here is a tip.

Once your spouse has cleaned the windshield for you, leave well enough alone. Don't try to melt away the rest of the icy glaze with your wiper fluid because your windshield wipers may in fact be frozen and the wiper fluid will freeze onto your windshield, leaving you blinded. Then, you will have to pull over, get out of your toasty warm car and scrape the windshield again after your kind husband cleaned it for you.

Hypothetically, of course.

I've mentioned before that I've experienced snow in North Carolina. The stark, cold difference here is the mighty wind.

I'm thinking Christopher Guest has been here.

Seriously, y'all, the wind will cut you like a cold, dull butter knife without the biscuits.

I really hope it snows a little more today, enough to make a difference. This little bit of snowfall is a lot like false labor- nothing good comes from it but there's just enough of it to ruin your day.

On that note, I have to add this picture. These are dairy cows who are normally grazing when I pass them on the way to school.

I call this the dairy cow version of a Sit In.

A Cow Whisperer would tell you that the one over to the left, yeah that one is saying,"Who's the idiot taking our picture?"

I apologize for any typing errors in this post. My knuckles are still thawing.


Roxanne said...

Even snow sprinkles deserve their fair share of publicity when you've only seen snow once or twice in your life.

Actually, we would get snow where I grew up about once every three years or so. Then we would make snow men with some leaves for binding.

Susanne said...

Well, it is white. And it did "stick". :v)

Our wind is howling like crazy tonight. It's the warm chinook so it's melting everything. Yesterday was in the 20's (F) and right now it's 42*F (6*C). Even though it's a "warm" wind it still goes right through me and I've been chilled all day.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, Can't believe you referenced Christopher Guest! Love the New Main Street Singers. Don't you love Susanne's brutal weather reports?