Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rest, Ye Merry Big Fat Cat

My Christmas tree is snoring.

We put up the tree on Sunday. Maggie waited patiently as we brought out the dusty, old box, constructed the fake tannenbaum, then decorated it. She stood, OKAY lounged watch. Finally, our daughter wrapped the tree skirt around the bottom and Voila!

Maggie's fort.

She loves hiding under the Christmas tree. When she was a kitten, we would find her sleeping on top of the packages. She was so cute and tiny and cute and, did I mention tiny? then.


Back in the day, her cute and tiny furriness fit on top of a shirt box. Her teeny paws propped on a jewelry box. Now she's lucky if she can hoist herself up on a robe box.

Maggie, girlfriend. I feel your pain.

So now she is snoozing 'neath the tree, snoring her old lady cat heart out, dreaming of Elegant Medleys and porches void of strays. There's no box or bag or any other kind of package to be seen because I haven't wrapped a single thing. The tree skirt is her world.

I just wish she'd wear a Breathe Right strip.


fuzzytop said...

Oh this was so funny!!! I have a cat, Sarah, who is firmly ensconced under the tree each Christmas. If we offered her room service, I don't think she would stir until New Years.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I love that cantankerous cat who is only that way when people are messin' with her. You should take pictures. I mean, post them. YOu don't have to show any tell-tale signs that would give away your private info. Let us see the cat, for Pete's sake.