Monday, December 29, 2008

Not a creature was stirring, except for the cat.

Christmas Eve at our house is much like that of many other families. We hang the stockings with care (or in this house, drape them on the hearth because the mantle is not adaptable to cute stocking holders), we read the Christmas story, and leave food out for Santa.

Most years we've left cookies. One year we made him a sandwich because we thought he may be sick of all the sugar and need something to tide him over. You know, something to cut the sweet.

And we always leave something for the reindeer.

We've sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn and left carrots or apples on a plate next to Santa's cookies and ham sandwich.

This year, our daughter chose cookies for Santa and one apple for the all the reindeer. Looking back, the reindeer may have felt a bit slighted this time.

We placed a cup out on the coffee table and left it up to Santa to get his own beverage. He's been by our house a few years. By now, he should just make himself at home.

Now that Maggie is painfully addicted to Elegant Medleys, she harasses any person who gets up in the night. No matter what time of night it is. Once you are up, Maggie thinks you are supposed to feed her.

Our daughter thought about Santa arriving in the night, waking Maggie from her princess slumber, and then running away in frustration from Maggie's constant pawing and purring and begging.

So she left him a note.

Which I shall try to paraphrase here:

Dear Santa,

Here is a can of Elegant Medleys. Give it to Maggie so she will hush.

Santa must have taken her advice because we woke up the next morning and found an empty can of Medleys on the kitchen counter. Remnants of tenders morsels remained in the cat dish. .

Even Santa Claus knows to keep this cat happy. I'll bet he keeps a lint brush in the sleigh.


fuzzytop said...

Oh that's funny!!!! I love your blog - you always make me smile.

Roxanne said...

That is a GREAT story.

stacywhite said...

Great story. Oh the minds of kids!

LeAnne said...

SANTA rocks!!

TRS said...

Oh my Gosh that is so cute... so she will hush! Funny kid.

Nice writing!