Monday, December 22, 2008

And yada yada yada, he won.

Some of our dearest friends were over for dinner on Saturday. We've known each other a long time. We met before the Internet was invented.

I know.


To you youngin's out there who think the Internet has always been around, let me tell you about the 80's. We thought computers could think. Hello, War Games.

Hubs and I are trying to shake a cold. We sound and look awful which makes for lovely dinner hosts. All I can say is that our friends must really love us or they are too gracious to offend. (Plus, they know we are obsessive with hand washing.) They suffered through my cooking and our hacks and wheezing.

Not on the food. That would be rude.

Seriously, my sweet friend N, the wife, called early in the day to ask if we were still up for company. She didn't want us to suffer through the evening for their sake. I assured her that we sounded worse than we felt and that I had doped up Hubs on Day-quil.

We had dinner and exchanged gifts. And guess what they gave us?

The Seinfeld Scene-It Game!! Game on.

We sat down at the coffee table to play. My playing piece was the Cigar Store Indian. Hubs was the puffy shirt because, truth be told, he really does want to be the pirate.

Hubs won. I blame it on the Day-quil. It must have the opposite affect on me. It turns my brain to mush. When I cannot remember a Seinfeld line, I am either suffering from medication side effects or a high fever.

I learned later that when our friends drove home, the husband D turned to his wife and said, "You know we're never going to beat them at that game."

To D I say, "Have you tried the Day-quil?"


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I would not like to go up against you in the Seinfeld game. No way.

Roxanne said...

Or maybe he should try some marbled rye. . .